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Default Re: Warhammer is a huge disappointment

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
WoW and EQ2 are different types of MMOs. Warhammer is more like WoW and Vanguard is exactly like EQ2 only slightly worse.

You are completely right about them being different types of MMOs and I don't think some people really understand that. The MMO landscape is diversifying and you can't just assume anymore and say "hey..I played EQ and WoW so lemme try this new WAR game cause it's got elves and dwarves too and therefore has to be just like those games".

WAR is not trying to compete with EQ2 for depth...heck Mark Jacobs even said they aren't trying to compete with WoW! Different types of games. WAR is about team pvp (or RvR as they call it) with some PvE thrown in for good measure. WAR has 40 PvE levels and 80 RvR levels...that says it all. You can level up to max on both (40/80) strictly doing pvp only.

If you are looking for some team based orc/elf/dwarf/human pvp with big swords, castle sieges and magic then this might be your game.

If you are looking for the next social, the next LOTR, the next EQ? Prolly gonna want to look somewhere else cause that is not what Mythic is advertising or trying to sell here.

As far as the license and people not knowing what warhammer is? It's no more obscure than warcraft was when WoW came out...funny considering warcraft was originally going to be a warhammer licensed game until games workshop told blizzard "no". I've seen WH titles on the shelf for years and while I've not played one..I knew exactly what it was.

All it takes is one title to take a franchise into the mainstream. See WoW for example.

OK..soapbox off!
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