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Default Re: Warhammer is a huge disappointment

but to me that just shows the game is very unbalanced,
Which is something that I have been hearing universaly and imo will be what eventualy makes people leave the game, most likely sooner then later.

WoW has pvp imbalance but it wasn't outright known until much later, most people specced in their solo trees were doing simular damages. I happen to hate WoW's pvp, even now. Its still very cookie cutter like and no good PvP can come down to not being able to take down a class because of the class you happen to choose at the beggining of the game.

GW is still the best pvp game out there, and for a good 2 reasons.

#1 every class, paired with what ever secondary you want, has the spells to counter any and every thing another class can throw at you. You can't put everything on your spell bar, but the ability is there.

#2 You don't even need to level a character to pvp. Guild Wars will let you start a level 20 character (its limited to the pvp zones, cant drag it into the pve areas), of which you can buy your spells and armor through pvp points (although, you do need to unlock alot through pve.. or purchase the unlock packs from the online store).
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