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Default Re: Price keeps falling! BfG GTX 280 for $384.99!

I'm f@$#%@ing sorry but $800+ worth of cards and not to meantion the PSU required to drive them to get 55fps in Crysis at 1680x1050? ROFLMAO. What a joke. Crysis scaling = *insert gross word here*.

I can set mostly VH on a 4870 and be in the 30's much of the time at that res. But ya. Without the AA. Same goes for a GTX260. Bother cards costing half those two solutions (tri-sli'd 260's or SLI'd 280) and offering ~65% of the performance. No AA is not that big a deal in that game due to it's rendering tech. IMO anyway.

Really is sad. 2 generations of cards and multicard config and we are JUST reaching over the 50 fps barrier. Screw that.

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