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Default Re: Warhammer is a huge disappointment

Originally Posted by Ghosthunter View Post
I played the destruction side last night,

I really enjoyed that side much better then order

but to me that just shows the game is very unbalanced,

also why do I keep getting this message

this target is not attackable
That bug IS annoying.

The thing about destro is that it's popular because it has the half naked elf chicks, greenskins and the crazy spikey armor so it initially appeals to a big user base.

It's not class imbalance which WOULD be the killer.

Once people start playing they get past the looks and see what classes give them fits... next thing you know you have alot of folks jumping ship to Order to play that Bright Wiz or War Priest that kept owning them. Combine that with the way the server caps the sides to keep balance and you won't have to worry about getting steamrolled.

I see destro getting owned in the scenarios all the time now. Once the hooplah dies down over the witch elf's thong and the chosen's armor I think we will see Order's population start to spike. I saw it happen during closed beta.

It also happened in WoW with everyone wanting to be Legolasssss and play NE's. Eventually they got over it and spread out. Even though Alliance was more popular..Horde did fine.
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