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Default Re: Weird Issues (?) With My New GTX 260

Originally Posted by indef View Post
I'm guessing the drivers don't like your Xi-Fi drivers. I don't use an add-on sound card (I have USB stereo speakers), so I couldn't really give you a fix.

Anyways, I think I solved my problem. I uninstalled my monitor drivers and Driver Sweeped the Forceware drivers (177.41), plugged in my old LCD and installed Forceware. Then I unplugged my old LCD and plugged in my main LCD, and now it is working fine. I know this because before, even when it wasn't making the noise, I could still faintly hear some noise coming from the speakers, but now my monitor is completely quiet.
I tried rolling back the drivers....On both the soundcard and the Video Card...I tried to look for new Nforce Drivers for the Mobo....but No luck...I have just resorted to using the Realtek drivers and the 7.1 onboard sound

I searched around the internet and found about 1000 articles talking about screeching X-fi's and how Creative has no fix for it....
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