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Default Re: Which Crysis config do you prefer?

Originally Posted by Gaco View Post
WTF fastponycar, those result doesn't match mine at all. I really want them to though because I'd love to have 38FPS average with a config that looks so relatively good (would look 10x better without the damn distance blur though.. any idea how to switch that off?). Can you give me a link to that benchmark program, then I'll reinstall Crysis to be safe, then run a few benchmarks myself!
I think that distant blur your seeing is either overdone hdr, our something with the TOD.

r_depthoffield=2 will blur distant terrain slightly, most like that effect though as its pretty subtle, try setting it 1 you will have sharper textures. Also to much hdr will blur as well, so try a lower value.

Here is a compare of dof.


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