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Default Re: Warhammer is a huge disappointment

Originally Posted by Mr.Schme View Post
Leveling in Wow has never been easier. A patch a while back made you gain 15% more exp from kills, quests, and made each level req for a good chunks of levels 15% less. Along with the buddy system they set up (300% exp from kills, quests? and you get 1 level for every 3 your friend gets) I bet leveling will be cake. I bet if you played enough in a week and i'm not saying 24/7, you can get to 60. As for a job, you make it a job, or you make it a game, that's how i've see it.

I never said anything about leveling being easier than WoW. I agree, leveling in WOW was always super easy. Even more so after BC. Now, you could probably get to level 60 in a day with the "recruit a friend" bonuses. And you could easily solo your way to the level cap anytime. But then what?

What I meant was that WAR seems more solo friendly as a whole, even more so than WOW. In WOW, you had to be commited to an organized guild in order to enjoy the end game dungeons and raids. And finding a good PUG for any instance was always a pain.

But WAR is really a different game altogether, even though it looks like WOW on the surface. WOW is built around PvE, with PvP added in later on the side. WAR is built from the ground up as a PvP focused game. Just look at the world maps of both games and you can see it. WOW is this huge open world that you explore. WAR is 3 seperate wars with 6 paths to the front lines and the endgame. And along the way there are public quests, open groups, and RvR scenarios where you can gear up. You can participate in the final RvR endgame without being commited to an uber guild and playing for 5 hours a night.

That might not be what a lot of WOW fans are looking for, but I'm gonna give it a shot.
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