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Default Re: Warhammer is a huge disappointment

Originally Posted by Sgt_Pitt View Post
I'm not even going to bother telling you how deep EQ2 is, because your all so obsessed with that POS kiddie game called WoW.

Anyway WAR is ok, but after being in beta for a few months all i can say is it doesnt have the depth of EQ2.

The only good things about WAR are the Public Quests and RVR, most of the quests are as shallow as WoW, i.e kill 10 rats.
I didnt actually find that...I found alot of the quests to be a lot of fun honestly...its more discovering than grinding....well, that was what I found anyway.
I liked the fact that you can get xxp through PQ's and the scenarios aswell....questing isnt as necessary in WAR.

I think the game is great, im loving it still and I cant see that changing.
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