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Unhappy GeForce 8400m adn Debian 40R4a issue

Hi buddies,
I have installed Debian 40R4a i386 on my laptop (Dell Vostro 1510) but....
There is an error which says: FATAL ERROR: No screen found. in the first time of boot. Am I wrong or something?

VGA: Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS, 256MB memory + 1.5GB share

I have tried "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" and setup my hardware but still same error

I start to install NVIDIA driver:

I have download last nvidia driver form: here ( in this case: Linux IA32 Version:173.14.12) and rename it as "",
then I copied it to "/usr/src" by using "fs-driver" downloaded form here
then I reboot to Debain and tepid these commands in terminal (the only thing I can use)

#sudo su
#apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(root -r)
#cd /usr/src
#ln -s linux-headers-$(root -r) linux
#cd /etc/init.d
#gdm stop /*but an error occurred, gdm didn't stop, and there was no option in "gdm -?" to do so */
#cd /usr/src
#sh /*I said NO to this question "download New Kernel form" cause of I can't make a ADSL connection in Terminal , the installation failed cause of "Kernel-path not found or doesn't exist" */

plz help, what must I do??
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