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Default Re: Warhammer is a huge disappointment

Originally Posted by jeffmd View Post
I saw one of those public quest... and laughed... laughed as it was completed by a bunch of zergling noobs. Where is the challenge? Seriously.. if you are so hard up about not being in groups or guilds.. why the hell play an mmo? And if you are praising an MMO for being so friendly at not needing groups or guilds, then I think that says something about it failing as an mmo. Give me dungeons and raids any day.
Well the fact is that the early PQ's are noobs Jeff...the game hasnt been released, and everyone is just feeling out the game for the first time.

And..noone was complaining about being in groups and guilds at all...its just NICE to have the option of not having to be in one.

Its obvious that you arent impressed with this game, and thats fine, not everyone will be but constantly flaming the game like a jealous school kid is just making you look like a total tool.
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