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Default Re: OpenGL 2 with indirect rendering

Let me get this clear client also contains Nvidia hardware?

First of all AIGLX is a buzzword for DRI drivers, those didn't accelerate indirect rendering while Nvidia has supported this for a much longer time. They use a very different driver architecture.

In case of OpenGL all GL extensions which can be supported over a network (indirect rendering) need to have a GLX wire specification. Not all extensions have this I believe shader related extensions are among those. For instance if you compare the output of 'glxinfo' to 'glxinfo -i' (which forces indirect rendering) you can see the difference.

The version of Mesa which you are using might not implement the GLX protocol of all GL extensions and for that reason show a lower version number. On the other hand since a lot of functionality which makes OpenGL 2.x (e.g. GLSL GL_ARB_shader_language_100 which is required for OpenGL 2.x) isn't available in the glxinfo -i output, the driver isn't OpenGL 2.x capable at all, so the version number is wrong.

It could be that the Nvidia driver is buggy in case of indirect rendering to a remote X server. Mesa should behave the same as both the Nvidia and Mesa library need to go through X.
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