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Default How to reduce maximum number of FPS ?


I'm new to this forum and I have a question about the driver... Is there any way to reduce the maximum number of frames per second ?

I'm using the 173.12 driver on Ubuntu 8.04 with a 8800GT board. It's working fine. Now I noticed very high frame rates (above 150) when vsync was disabled on the driver. After vsync was enabled via nvidia-settings I noticed that the FPS where limited to 60. Great ! I can hear the difference ! Fan makes less noise ! Don't ask me if it was the CPU or GPU fan... But I saw also the difference on the Nvidia Thermal Monitor: less heat.

60Hz is my LCD screen refresh-rate. Render more frames that will never be displayed is just useless.

But now if I'm not using an action game, and I would like to tell the driver, "just render a maximum of 20 or 40 FPS... it's far enough for my needs..." Is there a hidden setting where I can do this ? If the driver is able to limit the frames to the screen refresh rate... I'm sure it would not be a big issue to limit the rendered frames rates to another value.

PS: I don't have an option like "FPS limit" in my games.

Thanks and best regards.
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