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Default Re: How to reduce maximum number of FPS ?

Yes ! In an action game, or a car race simulation I would even recommend a minimum of 30 or even 40 FPS. In some multiplayer 1st person shooter and with a fast refreshing mouse, this can save your "life".

But in a Flight Simulator (like X-Plane) where you can online train air traffic control procedures, or in a metaverse (like Second Life) where you can build objects, it's often just completely useless to render 60FPS.

I would like to be able to set the maximum to 40FPS or less. It's a question of heat, fan noise, energy waste... and maybe also GPU lifetime (yes I already have a very good copper heatsink and "silent" fan).

Also, I don't want to underclock... underclocking will also reduce minimum framerates when you need them most. I just want to limit the maximum. And in some situations, 60FPS (screen refresh rate) is just too much.

PS: It's not only a question about Linux. I still have a multiboot with Windows XP on an older computer, so it's more a question about the official Nvidia drivers, whatever the operating system.
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