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Default Re: The Witcher: Enhanced Edition coming Sept. 16th!

Originally Posted by Imbroglio View Post
this is still a free download to early adopters?

any guess how big?
Yes. The mods at witcher forum said 1.4gb at minimum.

From Brysiu(Mod at

You bought The Witcher last year and now you’re afraid that you won’t have the opportunity to enjoy all the features of the Enhanced Edition? WRONG!

Wipe away your tears, little one, because we’ve got a nice treat for you. If you bought the original version of The Witcher and registered it at, you’ll be able to download all of the great content from the Enhanced Edition for free starting September 19!

That’s right – FREE! No strings attached, just good old-fashioned FREE. Log in and download.

You may be wondering – “What do they mean by ‘all’ of the content”? This is what we mean:

- Patch 1.4 (which turns the standard edition into The Witcher: Enhanced Edition)- D’jinni Adventure Editor v1.4- Two new adventures (“The Price of Neutrality” and “Side Effects”)- Making-of videos- ‘Inspired by The Witcher’ music CD- Official soundtrack of the game- Game manual- Official game guide- Map of The Witcher’s World

You may notice that “all” in this case doesn’t include the short story that is found in the retail version… unfortunately getting that released online would be some sort of massive undertaking involving numerous book publishers around the world. So it’s almost everything.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? So, let me suggest you that visiting should be – no, more than that - it must be the very first thing you do on the 19th of September!

Know-how to installation of Enhanced Edition
1. Download the Patch file (it’s something about 1GB)
2. Download the language file/files (more or less 500 MB)
3. Gather them In one folder
4. Start the installation of the Patch.
5. Enjoy The Enhanced Edition Smiley
6. (Optional) Download bonus content & soundtrack
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