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Default Re: I am looking for a MMORPG - How is EQ2 these days

Originally Posted by saguy View Post
I am not going to continue with Tabula Rasa. I wanted to check the game out for myself and to be and from what I had heard I was expecting worse. I am looking for some depth in a game so that's why I am curious about EQ2 again. I will check their forums over the weekend to see how healthy the community is.

I did not bother mentioning the performance of AoC because I did not expect it to run well anyway. I was expecting WAR to fly along due to the primitive graphics. I have been following a thread on another forum where players have reported issues with poor performance which may be related to VRAM on some setups. Apparently in the next patch there are going to be a few more settings for the amount of memory that you can allocate to VRAM.
They have already included that in the latest open beta.
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