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Default Re: I am looking for a MMORPG - How is EQ2 these days

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
I played AoC for three months and had a blast. The fun ran out though. I think I got my monies worth for the 3 months I played it.

I'm playing WoW again. I only PVP and run around the world looking for fights. I have really scaled back on the playing tho. I'm kinda bored with gaming in general right now. It will change when Fable II and Fallout 3 come out.
I tend to play MMO's for that period of time and soon as excitement goes I'm out of there. I am also looking forward to Fable and Fallout. I still would not mind a new fresh faced MMORPG that is in a different setting or something.
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