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Default Re: How to reduce maximum number of FPS ?

Originally Posted by MdMax View Post

I'm new to this forum and I have a question about the driver... Is there any way to reduce the maximum number of frames per second ?

I'm using the 173.12 driver on Ubuntu 8.04 with a 8800GT board. It's working fine. Now I noticed very high frame rates (above 150) when vsync was disabled on the driver. After vsync was enabled via nvidia-settings I noticed that the FPS where limited to 60. Great ! I can hear the difference ! Fan makes less noise ! Don't ask me if it was the CPU or GPU fan... But I saw also the difference on the Nvidia Thermal Monitor: less heat.

60Hz is my LCD screen refresh-rate. Render more frames that will never be displayed is just useless.

But now if I'm not using an action game, and I would like to tell the driver, "just render a maximum of 20 or 40 FPS... it's far enough for my needs..." Is there a hidden setting where I can do this ? If the driver is able to limit the frames to the screen refresh rate... I'm sure it would not be a big issue to limit the rendered frames rates to another value.

PS: I don't have an option like "FPS limit" in my games.

Thanks and best regards.
I like you, MdMax. You seem like the sort of guy who likes to think about things and work out better ways. I always admire this sort of a quality in someone.

Anyway, back to the point, what you're looking to do is, if you've got suitably accepting hardware, relatively easy to accomplish. The trick you've already used to limit framerates by enabling the VSync can just be recycled. Way to do it is to use the nVidia control panel to create custom resolutions, each at refresh rates at your desired speed. Switch between the refresh rates using either a key combo, or applying to your EXEs, or by using the in-game resolution list, which usually draws from the list Windows provides, whcih you're able to add to using custom resolutions.
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