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Default Re: So why should I buy a GTX280 again?

Originally Posted by RoadReaction View Post
Unlike others i believe Nvidia this round, In my eyes the 4870 x2 was a complete epic failure. It runs like ass Crossfired, produces more heat than elevator full of obese pregnant woman on the way to hell, and has more issues than a than the United states government. Why anyone would buy it is beyond me. I'm yet to see someone give me a good reason to get one the GTX 280 is able of beating it and its single GPU. ****ing fail. Can't wait for the 55nm revision so i can get mine.
This is one of the worst fanboy responses I have ever heard. I like Nvidia, I often invest in their stock, but even Nvidia admits they under estimated ATI.

Secondly, if you're going to stay around here, please do not post such annoying vitriolic criticisms.
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