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Default Re: So why should I buy a GTX280 again?

Originally Posted by JoJomomo View Post
I'll go ahead and be the fist one to say it. YOUR A DUMBASS.

I have seen the 4870X2 in action for myself and it runs like a dream, even in Quad Crossfire it was perfect, no microstuttering or anything else of that nature.

Also your a TOOL if you really believe that a GTX 280 is just as fast as a 4870X2.
Ill say it first, ATI hasnt made a single decent card since AMD bought them, oh wait that's been said before, and beaten like a dead horse. Everything in your post is horse****. Just read the reviews in my other post. The GTX 280 does beat or come close to beating the 4870x2 in some games.
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