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Post Re: Kernel and NVIDIA drivers

To take care of the GCC version mismatch, you have two options:
1. Run "export CC=/usr/bin/gcc-4.1" before using module-assistant or the Nvidia installer. You should still have GCC 4.1 installed. If you do not have GCC 4.1 installed for some reason, install it via "apt-get install gcc-4.1". This will not overwrite your installation of GCC 4.3 or any other GCC installs.

2. Recompile your kernel using GCC 4.3. I don't recommend this option, and I think anybody who wants to do this should be able to figure it out without me explaining the process.

I would also recommend migrating to the i686 or higher build of the kernel under most circumstances, but it shouldn't matter. Make sure that you have all the right headers, regardless of what kernel variant you choose. Module-assistant will automatically get your kernel headers and other packages necessary for building kernel modules.
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