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Default Re: So why should I buy a GTX280 again?

Originally Posted by RoadReaction View Post
You fail for saying that my post was garbage, care to back that up? Anyone can post their opinion, you cant call my post garbage without evidence. The Internet is done a diservice with failure of trolls, please try harder next time. My Post was completely opnianated but ill post a few Benches to keep your trap shut.

A single GPU coming close or beating a "Next generation" Dual gpu is ****ing pathetic. Not to mention the GT200 is more reliable as well as effiecent then the R700. The tempature the 4870 x2 is horrid 90 c? Are you kidding me ill stick with a real graphics card. First it takes them forever to upgrade from their 90nm cards, and this failure of a dual gpu, no thanks NVidia has my money once more.

Lol, ya and thanks for linking to a PREVIEW of the 4870 x2, not even a legitimate review... Garbage x2...

Then a snippet from the other link you provided...
Final Thoughts
AMD has done a great job with the Radeon HD 4870 X2 and it has snatched the crown for the fastest graphics card in the world back from Nvidia in the process...
Epic Fail...

Did you even read your own links?? Not exactly the brightest bulb on the xmas tree are you... at least now I know of yet another spaced out fanboy to ignore...

oh yeah and your right the 4870 X2 is the only one with temp issues *rolls eyes*

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