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Default Re: so... kde3.5 was dumped for kde4 why again?


I spent a TON of time messing with KDE 4.1.1

After I got the 177.70 (x86_64) nvidia driver installed (7800gs), two notable things:
1) in general it's waaay faster than "nv" driver + desktop effects work too
2) window resizing is painful on certain windows. Like Firefox is "okay" (choppy resize but works reasonably) but konsole is crazy multi-second, kinda odd...

Anyways yeah, I figured out from googling that the upper right doodad is not really feature complete for 4.1 yet. I also had to remind myself that 4.0 was really a developer release, and 4.1 is really a normal first cut release, so 4.2 will probably be somewhat more polished.

I also learned how to convert a box from lilo to grub, and how evil Mandriva is for using install scripts as a source of configuration parameters! grrr
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