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Default Hope i like WAR!

Well let me start by saying im still pretty much brand new when it comes to MMORPG's ... i first played the MMO WoW around 3 - 4 months back having always played FPS i fancied something different, a different game type, I bought the warchest for like 10, played the free 30 days trial then AoC was released, i preferred AoC to WoW, although WoW is alot more polished & has more "real" players i just liked the battle/fight system more in AoC, its more dark, dirty & gritty & not only that but i wanted to try playing a MMO that's brand new rather than jump into a MMO that's like wow thats 4 years old maby?? and feel really behind, people are right what they are saying .... the first 40 - 50 lvl's are fun in AoC then it gets boring & runs out of content, not only that but it feels that there's hardly any "real" players around in the world!

WAR is developed by a group that knows what there doing, Ive pre-ordered WAR so hopefully its a MMO i can stick with for many years just like lot of people have with wow.
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