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Default Re: GTX260 PSU and Hear Concerns

I see 2 12v rails, 14A and 15A, not sure where you got 33A

Combinded amperage is in the 20s it looks like to me

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
1. Not sure what the amp draw of the 260 is. What model is your PSU?
2. My cards crash when temps get over 80*C, but that's with them overclocked. I would say up to 70*C is as high as you'd want them to be getting. With the fans set at 55%, mine don't go passed 60*C and idle at 40*C ish.
3. I use Everest for monitoring all temps.
No, yours are the exception, they should NOT crash at 80C, and that is probably the overclock not being stable, not the heat.

80-90C is fine under load as lithium said
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