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Default Re: Which is better LED-DLP or LCD?

Originally Posted by wolfgar View Post
Many cable/Sat providers are over compressing the signal to the point that it barely qualified as HD anymore. (comcast, DirectV, and too many others)

Verizon FIOS shines in this regard.

Welcome to the HD addiction.

Say goodbye to your spare $$$.
A bit off topic, but on the Verizon note, I wanted to clear this up a bit. First off, I have VZ HD TV and love it, but the comments that are thrown around (not necessarily yours) are a bit misleading.

People often say "Verizon doesn't compress HD". This is a true statement, but it sounds like "Verizon sends out uncompressed HD", which isn't the case. While VZ does not compress themselves, they send out whatever they get from the source. So if say NBC uses 10% Compression, that is what you will get from Verizon, so it's not actually uncompressed HD...

It still kicks the other providers asses including DTV. While they compress LESS now, they still compress in addition to whatever compression the source feeds them...

On the DLP v LCD, I have an LCD and love it. My friend has a DLP (don't think it's the LED variety though) and he loves it. Kinda a personal preference type thing I would say...

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