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Default Problems

Okay, i bought this nice new LG 42" LCD (42LG50FD). Funnily enough, yes, I'm using it as a monitor as well as an HDTV. Whenever I'm playing games, mostly It's fine. Viewing Desktop, fine. Watching Bluray movies, or playing Stalker, it likes to shut the screen off. It tells me it's still turned on, but the screen has no power running through it. For Stalker, merely hitting escape twice is enough to bring it back, but for watching Blurays i have to pause the movie, turn the screen off, wait 3 secs then turn it back on and resume watching. The repeat about 3 mins later. It also happens for split seconds while playing the Wii.

Now, my question is: Would this be a driver issue, or a TV issue?

The local Clive Peeters store loaned me a standalone Samsung Bluray player to see if it happened with that, but i had no problems at all. I'm seriously thinking of purchasing one just so i can actually watch my nice Bluray collection without having to pause every 3 mins or so.

*EDIT*: I have none of these problems on my 22" LCD.
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