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Exclamation Re: UT3 runs worse with 'Enable SLI Technology'

Hey buddy. Just found this thread via a Google search - thought I'd just post my experiences. I've just recently upgraded my rig with GTX280 SLI (managed to grab the cards for a real good price). Nforce 680i, E6850 (stock clocks presently), 4GB Geil black dragon, 1000w PSU, Vista 64bit SP1 (and also I have the Antec 1200, as well! :-)).

Generally I'm really happy with the cards - seeing great scaling in games like Crysis and Bioshock. Unfortunately though UT3 actually, if anything, plays worse than before with my old (single) 8800 card! Like you, I get performance gains if I uncheck "Enable SLi Technology", but the FPS still isn't right, and tends to drop below 50 regularly during busy games in maps like Shangri La. Strangely reducing detail levels doesn't seem to have a noticable impact on performance (even though the FPS reports higher) - it still "feels" laggy to play! :-( Really hoping it's just a driver issue that they are working on.

Please let me know if you find any solutions or anything that helps!


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