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Default Re: UT3 runs worse with 'Enable SLI Technology'

Hmm.... something I've noticed, after re-installing 177.92 recently, the problem seemed to go away (I could get 60fps constant with SLI enabled but Single GPU in UT3 app options, and World Detail at 4). However, this only seemed to last for about a day, then it was back to the way it was, with fps quite easily dropping below 60fps on World Detail 4. I had changed nothing at all, it went back bad by itself. So... something must be causing it...

I can do a simple controlled test to determine fps, what I do is go to the Deimos map, go where the Shock rifle pickup is, and look towards the center of the map and fire the link gun. When it's bad, fps will dip to 50-58fps when firing the Link gun and it will appear very unsmooth (I'm running Vsync). However, when the problem had rectified itself for a short while after installing 177.92, I would get constant 60fps. Decreasing World Detail to 2 however makes me get constant 60fps regardless, but it is incredibly stupid that I even have to contemplate running at that setting considering the $$ I've spent on my hardware.

With my 8800GTX and CPU at 2.8GHz before I upgraded, I could run at World Detail 5 without problem (60fps). If I try to do that right now, fps will dip to as low as 35fps in action.

The thing is.. UT3 DOES scale if I force AA and use Nvidia Recommended SLI setting (or force AFR2), however I do not want to run SLI in UT3 as the game's responsiveness is worse than with Single GPU (if I was playing offline I wouldn't notice it, but online my score is worse with SLI every time, and I can 'feel' it isnt as good). In contrast, playing Crysis single player with SLI enabled is great, because it's a slower paced game and super-duper reflexes aren't really required. The lower responsiveness may just be a UT3 thing anyway, I can't really notice it in any other game, but to be fair, UT3 DM is much faster paced than other recent games.

As for microstuttering, I have only noticed it when I enable AFR2 and UT3 is running at low settings (ie. World Detail at 2), then it will stutter. However if I give the GPUs enough work to do, it will not stutter. Haven't noticed the microstutter on any other games either.

Regarding SLI causing CPU limitation, from what I can tell from increasing and decreasing CPU speed with SLI enabled, I would need over 4GHz to get anything close to my 8800GTX and 2.8GHz fps at the same settings, as even 3.8GHz (PC obviously wasnt stable at that speed, but I still tried it), fps still dipped below 60fps very often at World Detail 4.

It just sucks to think that I could play with World Detail 5 perfectly on my 8800GTX, yet I'm having to use World Detail 2 with my current setup to get the same fps. World Detail 2 makes certain maps look very bland (ie. Deck)
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