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Default Re: NVIDIA says it will win back performance leadership this year

Originally Posted by john19055 View Post
I am glad ATI(AMD) came out with a video card that is faster then the GTX280 even if it does has two GPU's.It sure helped the prices go down on nvidia products.I think they thought the GTX 280 was going to be a lot faster then what ATI came out with .The GTX280 is a hugh chip with 1.4billion transistors,I wonder what the actual cost is to produce a GTX280.
The 4870X2 and GTX280 are not comparable products, although they are both single slot graphics solutions. The 4870X2 has a plethora of Crossfire baggage in tow that a GTX280 does not:
1. Need to re-name executables in many games to use AA. This causes the loss of any game specific patch or optomization.

2. Need to wait for profiles for new games, because you cannot create them with CF. (or edit them)

3. Microstutter

4. Much higher cost and power consumption

Besides that, you lose PhysX and the chance to upgrade to a stereoscopic monitor with ATi cards.

What it costs NVIDIA to make a GTX280 is irrelevant to us as end users, what they cost in the store is all that matters.
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