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Default Re: is it worth while me going sli

Originally Posted by saturnotaku View Post
In addition to resolution, you're CPU limited. 3.0 GHz isn't nearly enough to justify a 280 SLI setup. You're also somewhat limited by having only 2 GB of RAM.
I disagree with this. He'd be "CPU limited" with any CPU, I personally run GTX280 SLi with my E8400 at 3GHz. Most games don't scale with CPU much at higher resolutions like 19X12 when AA is turned on. (and get SLi scaling)

For example:

Notice how only Crysis benefits from the higher CPU with 3 X 8800U?

I'm also unaware of many 4GB vs 2GB advantages, just a few games that I've seen.

All that said- I don't know how much a second GTX280 is "needed" at 19X12- should run everything at that res 4X16X fine, so what you'd be getting is higher AA and higher minimums in some games.
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