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Thumbs down evga wont rma my 5800 ultra

after my card started displaying visual corruption, and trying it in multiple systems, it was diagnosted to having bad leads on the agp connectors...

so... i go to rma through pcclub (the store i bought it at, and currently work at) the rma headquarters say they wont send it because the card has no serial number.

i figured, i will just send it to the manufacturer directly... not the case. after getting of the phone with tech support this morning, turns out im up the creek without a paddle since my card has no serial number, and the box i received it in was nothing more that a cardboard box with a sticker on top.

as for the serial on the card... whether i took it off, someone took it off, or it never had one, i dont know. i cant remember.

it sucks for me because i spent nearly $500 on that card.. and now it is nothing more than a paperweight. Hopefully someone from evga reads this post.

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