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Default No sound in X when connected via HDMI

First, a description of my configuration:

I have a C-Media Electronics Inc CM8738 sound card. This sound card is connected to my television via the front channels output. In addition, the SPDIF/out is connected to my GeForce 8500GT. My GeForce 8500GT is then connected to my television via an HDMI cable.

Now for the problem:

Prior to a recent upgrade, sound was being delivered to my television via the analog out on my sound card. I am sure I was using a 169.xx version of the nVidia drivers before the upgrade. So there was no way for audio to be delivered via the HDMI cable. I was unaware at the time I upgraded that this feature had been implemented in the 173.xx drivers[1]. Upon discovering this, I un-muted the IEC958 device on my sound card via alsamixer. This, however, did not give me sound.

As it stands, I am able to play sound on the console before starting X. E.G.:
mplayer -ao alsa:device=default /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav
When I start X and try to execute the same command I get no sound. My default sound device is routed as so:
ctl.!default {
        type hw
        card 0

        type plug
        slave {
                pcm "spdif"
                rate 48000
                format S16_LE
I have tried driver version 173.14 (as packaged by Arch Linux), 177.67, and 177.70 (the latter two being downloaded directly from nVidia). I cannot revert to the 169.xx drivers because the proc_root_driver interface has been removed from the 2.6.26 kernel, and the 169.xx drivers rely on it.

I do not want to use a VGA connection to "solve" this problem. The picture is blurry, and the picture shifts to the left or right when X is initializing. That is, if I connect via VGA I cannot see the whole picture because the display is not detecting properly.

I need a solution to this audio of HDMI problem. Please, I have run out of ideas on what to try.

[1] --

Note: please ignore the errors about "mythlogin" in the bug report log. They are completely irrelevant to the problem, and are a result of a programming error I made earlier today.
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