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Default Re: NVIDIA says it will win back performance leadership this year

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
Go go gadget FUD machine!
What I don't understand about people like you is why you think anyone should believe you without links.

Nothing I said was untrue, it's pretty widely held knowledge about the limitations of Crossfire and ATi parts.

There's a thread on Rage3d in the driver forum with a bunch of games listed that you need to rename the executable to get AA. Reviews of the 4870X2 have shown it still microstutters when the fps get down in the 30-40fps range. X2s cost more than GTX280s and a visit to any etailer will show that, and it sort of makes sense 2 GPUs consume more power. ATi has never allowed users to see what games are profiled, or create/edit profiles.

You either need to look up the definition of "FUD" because you don't understand what it really is, provide links to prove why you believe what I said is FUD, or most likely, slink away in shame because you wasted people's time with your baseless accusations.
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