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Default Re: 260 GTX good enough?

Originally Posted by Llamalama View Post
I'm planning to upgrade my 8800GTX soon as it's starting to feel tired gaming at 1920X1200. Would the 260 be enough at that res with at least 4x AA 16 AF and also what brand would you rec. I'll have to update my sig as I've got the E8600 running at 4Ghz. Thanks
Its faster from the 8800 GTX and is cheap for the power that offers...

But if you are not in hurry to change your card i suggest you wait for newer solutions that will come out until the end of the year...

Nvidia is planning to release a GT206 (55nm) somewhere in November or December 2008 and GT212 (45nm) at Q1 2009

I wouldn't waste all my money for something that will be replaced soon...

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