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Default Re: 260 GTX good enough?

Originally Posted by Llamalama View Post
I'm planning to upgrade my 8800GTX soon as it's starting to feel tired gaming at 1920X1200. Would the 260 be enough at that res with at least 4x AA 16 AF and also what brand would you rec. I'll have to update my sig as I've got the E8600 running at 4Ghz. Thanks
I have the EVGA GTX 260 and I myself am going from 1680X1050 to 1920X1200 Today! I will keep you updated on how it does. Im not really worried about it either as my card is running at 760core 1540shader and 2600mem which makes it just as fast if not faster than a GTX 280 in most games maybe with the exception of shader heavy games like Oblivion but it would still be close.
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