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Originally posted by Ruined
Please, there are defects in every brand card.

And the 5800 is a great deal. It gives similar performance to the 5900, but costs $150 less. ($230-$260)... Only downfall is the turbine fan which can be irritating if your PC is close to where you work. I actually tried one out and that was my primary reason for returning it - the 5900 that replaced it wasn't noticably faster in any of my games. (though I admit I only run at 1024x768x32 with QC AA and 2x ansio).
I had a 5800U but sold it. Yes using only a little AA/AF at 1024 it run great.
The biggest reason I sold mine is I'm a big screensaver fan and my Ultra had the screensaver fan problem.

Jak... sorry to hear this. That really suxs a big one man.
I know what u mean. I gave 460 for my ultra.
I hope u find your SN. Did it fall off the card or something?
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