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Default Re: Best heatsink to OC Q6600?

Originally Posted by npras42 View Post
Just read this today on Hexus:

Both Xigmatek heatsinks aren't made out to be so cool here(no pun intended).
The HEXUS guy makes a quite relevant mention of the 2 pipes overlapping the HEATSPREADER but forgets whats under the heatspreader, THE CORES.

The red Xigmatek is proven crap.

"Dear Tarinder,

Actually I just found out that you have tested Achilles Rev. 1, we had some modifications after launching this product, unfortunately you got the wrong sample from the beginning and “we” (hexus and us) didn’t recognize it and I have to apologize for this inconvenience. Nevertheless I will resend you the Achilles S1284C which has better HDT (gaps are smaller in between the Heat Pipes) and more fins added on this cooler and also the HDT-S1283 Red Scorpion Edition for your reference and re test."

Sounds like BS to me though.
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