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Default Gainward 4200 128Mb and OC AGP?

Just got a Gainward Ultra/650XP (4200 with 128Mb) and I can't get it to do what my several-years-old Matrox Marvel G200 card did for a long time: run in a system with 133MHz fsb and a 2/3 AGP multiplier.

Abit BX6 v2.0 mobo
PIII 933MHz (locked at 7x)
SB AWE32 (ISA) sound card
Intel EtherExpress Pro100 (or something like that)
256MB 133MHz mem
2 HDs - I think one is 7200rpm, not sure though.
DVD-ROM and CDRW (i.e. two drives)
300W PSU (due to earlier power problems)

I run XP, and the system loads to the point right after it switches to the desktop resolution where you log in, then I get a black screen with a white pixel in the top left corner (probably the mouse pointer) and everything stops cold. Bumping the fsb to 124MHz makes it all work, but it means that the cpu is underclocked and that's what I'd like to avoid.

Help? I've searched the forums but haven't found similar issues (doesn't mean there aren't any, so feel free to point me to threads). BTW, I couldn't search very much for this particular issue, since such strange and unfamiliar terms as "agp", "fsb", "89 mhz" are less than 4 characters long...

Have tried booting XP into VGA mode, but as soon as I increase the resolution to 1024x768x32 the system hangs.
Have tried the latest (40.x) nVidia drivers, no difference.
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