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Default Re: Wired vs Wireless

Originally Posted by einstein_314 View Post
8mbps? That seems really low to start with.....

Wireless G is 54mbps (max) so you must be getting a poor signal. So the router is in the that right above you? Or above a different room? I can use my laptop anywhere in my house (about 1500 sq ft) and I don't connect at anything less than 48 mbps (wirelessG as well). My router is located in the center of the house so the farthest away I get is maybe 50 ft with 3 walls to go through.

Are there any metal ducts or other metal things in your attic that may be interfering? If I stand on the opposite side of the furnace my signal strength plummets.

And you were only getting 8 mbps before you put it in the attic? If so....that seems okay. You're loosing a bit of performance because it's now in the attic and has to go through the ceiling.
I'm pretty sure he meant an internet speed test at 8mbps. Also, it doesn't sound like he's moved anything yet.

@op: How old is the pc you plugged the usb wireless device into? It's possible it's only communicating at usb 1.1 and slowing everything down. Also, do you have all security disabled right now? WEP can slow down a connection by as much as 50% from overhead, so it could cause some slowdowns.

Also, do you play any games on that pc? If you do I wouldn't move it at all because wireless is the worst thing you can do regardless of what game it is. I really am not a big fan of using wireless anyway so if you already have it setup to where you can be wired I would leave it as is.
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