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What ever you do don't talk to the RMA department in eVGA... I currently had it with them and there is one lady there that doesnt speak english properly and she goes nuts and starts getting angry. I was about to go insane... all I did was ask if I could give her my RMA number(s) and she started going into the Shell Shock mode... Was pretty funny when all I said was "I was transfered to you and they asked me to give you my RMA number (s)"... she went toally postal... Asfter a 2+ Hour's of being transfered back and forth I had an answer to my only question "which RMA number od I put on the box I have 2 RMA numbers" because they sent me 2 cards when I ordered One. Was a really crazy thing for them to do... much less a poor way to do it.

BTW, you most likely wont get anything from the evgatech on the forums... they havent posted a single thing to the FX forum since the Flicker issue pop'd up.

I'm all for the Phase 3 that GlowStick was talking about

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