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Default Re: 260 GTX good enough?


Well my 24" LCD came in, the bad news is that its defective and will have to go back to newegg. I can only use it for a few minutes at a time until the backlight gives out and then it takes a while to get it to turn back on, I think its overheating, maybe the fan in it is broken.

The good news is that for the short time I got to use it I can tell you that the GTX 260 handled that res like a champ, I tested Oblivion, DiRT, Jericho and Bioshock. For the most part performance was close to 1680X1050 with losses of around 5-7 frames in the most extreme cases. Over all I was impressed.

Sucks that I got a bad one, guess I will send it back and try again. That is the first Open Box Item that I have ever had to return to newegg, I have always had good luck with open box until now.
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