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Default My fully built system ! (Pictures inside)

Hello everyone,

The following are some pictures of my newly built PC. I've been planning this built for quite sometime.
Here you go:

A quick overview.

My Thermaltake case.

How to fit a GTX 260

Forgive the unclean mouse , it's just I sweat alot .
On the left is the PCI card holder which I had to remove for the GTX 260 to fit inside.

Thermaltake CPU cooler also. I'm getting 37-40 degrees idle temps.

GTX 260 which is around 25cm in length. Any idea what that speaker icon is next to the power?

Newly arrived 750W PSU at the top.

When I changed my PSU, my 3DMark06 score increased from 12122 to 12692 which really catches your attention. I am not sure if its because the GTX 260 is being well fed now .

I also realised that on +12V i was getting sometimes ranges between 11.83 and 11.92 but now with the 750W I am getting ranges of 11.99 and 12.04.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me with my previous post
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