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Default Re: Who's excited for Warhead Tomorrow ??

Originally Posted by Wolken007 View Post
Since Warhead is supposed to run better than Crysis, I wonder if Crytek will release a patch updating the original game with some of the modifications that make Warhead run better. There were no engine changes in Warhead, correct?
I think it was Cry-Alex@crymod forums who said there is a possibility and that it is being discussed internally.

Different topic:

I called local gamestops, typical response: We have it on stock, but won't receive copies till tomorrow. Reserve your copy now blah blah blah.

I called Walmart: Yes we have it. Oh you mean Crysis: Warhead? We won't have it till tommorow.

I called Bestbuy: Yes we have Crysis, but not Warhead till tommorow.

I called Circuit City: We have it in the back, but still needs to be processed by shipping and recieving. Will be on stock tommorow. *face palm*

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