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Default Re: Who's excited for Warhead Tomorrow ??

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Ok my rig is Q6600, 4gb ram and XFX GTX280, Vista32 (so 3gb ram counts) running the game in 1920x1200 using "enthusiast" settings in game, with 179.98 driver and i get between 15 and 30 fps...mostly between 20-30. But the game feels playable even in low fps. What i mean theres very little mouselag and so on. I've played a couple of hours, met aliens and my very new best friend Mr. Grenadelauncher Smile and its still running smooth during heavy alien attacks Smile

btw, i believe the 179.98 driver suck in crysis so im gonna roll back to 179.92 drivers and check FPS again later tonight.

Oh i forgot to mention that i have 2x FSAA on and 16x aniso.
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