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Default Re: Retail or Steam? How are you getting Warhead?

Originally Posted by trivium nate View Post
I want to buy crysis warhaed tonight!! I get payed thursday around $230? $240? $250? ish?

$632.44 in the bank right now

my payments right now this week are
$67.81-cell phone(Friday)maybe ill pay Thursday
$50.00 to dad(Thursday) cash
$42? for gas(Wednesday?)money doesn't get take out immediately credit card
$24.99-crysis warhead(Wednesday?)

next week
$110 car insurance-(27th) doesn't get taken out of account immediately takes a few days unless i pay it early
$50 to dad on (25th) cash
$42? car gas(?) when ever it gets low n i need to fill up doesn't get taken out immediately

October 1st $150 to dad
every Thursday I give my dad $50

omg decisions!

Should I get it
If you're not sure if you have $25 for a PC game, I would have to say...

yes, definitely get it. Or sell your Dad.
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