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Originally posted by soundview00
Ok, here is the deal, first of all, when I try to use the script by typing "sh" I get the following error:

command not found
command not found
command not found Line 315: syntax error near unexpected token 'elif'
' Line 315: 'elif' [ \( "$distro" = mdk" -a "$version" -ge 82 \) ]; then

try ./

Also, when I try to shut down "X" in the Konsole by typing the following command "telinit 3", I get another error message saying "bash: telinit: command not found".

What am I doing wrong? Do I have to be in a certain directory while typing these commands just to get them to work? Lastly, I really need some more help here...THANKS TO ALL THE RESPONSES!
try init 0 for shutdown or init 6 for restart
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