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Default Re: Update on the protection in Warhead from cry-alex

Originally Posted by agentkay View Post
Just uninstall the game (and obviously make sure you are connected to the internet) before you make a major hardware upgrade and it will give you the activation back. Thats how the Securom/online activation system worked in Bioshock, how it works in Spore and in future titles. Only if you decide to keep the game installed and you do a major hardware change chances are the game will think its on a new computer and you will "use up" one of the three installations, but if you properly uninstall it before you do the hardware upgrade you will most likely never even have to call EA to get addional activations.
That is NOT how it works in Spore or Red Alert and from the sound of it Warhead is also the same. You are limited to 3 or 5 activations in Spore and Red Alert. Uninstalling will not give you any of them back. There was a revoke tool for Bioshock that was released later till they removed the limits on the activation scheme a year or more after it's release.

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