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Default Re: NVIDIA says it will win back performance leadership this year

Originally Posted by Shocky View Post
Did you check the mirrior?
So which one qualifies me as an ATI troll, Shocky?

Perhaps it's when I spent over 1500$ on SLI'd 8800GTXs and 680i and built a guide to help fellow G80 owners with their setups:

Or perhaps it was apparent when I replaced my 2900XT with an 8800 Ultra last year:

Or perhaps it's because I'm telling individuals within the last few weeks to go with an Nvidia card over an ATI card depending on their needs:

Originally Posted by Xion X2 on "Convince me to buy a GTX260"

More VRAM (896 vs 512.)

If it's something you're going to hang onto for 2-3 years, then you'll need more than 512MB[4870].

Quite an efficient troll, I am, by personally lining the competitor's pockets and sending extra business their way.

What's funny is that I haven't changed my core perspective one bit in the last two years I have been on this forum. I haven't clinged to one company or the other--have owned both Nvidia and ATI products and have spoken on behalf of both while focusing on FACTS, not fanboy-driven "feelings" as the focus of my replies. So if individuals like yourself take offense to that by foolishly and inaccurately calling me a troll, then I would say that it's YOU, not I, who needs to look in the mirror and re-examine yourself to see if such a fragile ego can withstand a personality like mine.

Good luck with that bit of self-discovery.

By the way, how's razor doing? He finally got himself banned from Rage3D, I saw.

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