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Default Re: World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

Ya you come to my server, don't expect much in the way of raid progression, but one look around in any non-neutral area and you'll quickly find evidence that pvp happened. It's all good for me though, sometimes I delay raids by a minute or two (often have to because I am main tank more often than not) so I can kill some allies I found outside.

Originally Posted by thor1182 View Post
who knows with this one, the nerfbat might undo some of what it did. I hear what your saying about the nerf though, it went from something to be excited to play my feral again to a ... well you already know that answer. They are not done yet so we will see.
I can see how this talent will be very useful for tanking, but for anything else its just poo. Even for tanking though, I'd probably rather just have last stand come to think of it. Really horrible design decision on blizzards part. The only interesting druid talent tree left is balance now that they are dumbing down resto to be more like a holy paladin, but I think I'd rather have an ele shaman.

There's less than two months left. After the great bear nerf in 2.1 blizzard kept saying they'd fix ferals but they never did. After that point it was just "we'll fix it in the next expansion." This akin to a repeat of that, but who knows.

This talent point aside entirely, there's an even bigger underlying problem with feral now than there was with BC. Namely, our itemization options will offer no intellect at all. So that 7k mana pool you have right now won't increase at all, but the mana cost of shapeshifting will increase a ton. I think you know what that means.
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