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Thanks for the taking the time helping me try to fix this.

Unfortunately that didn't work either (taking all acpi support out of the kernel and setting the BIOS).

I just applied the latest acpi patch patch_2.4.22-rc2_to_acpi-2.4-20030813.bz2 from:

and it did fix my spurious interrupt problem, but my lockups have returned.

Under linux-2.4.22-rc2, my system was rock solid (only with acpi enabled), but essentially any device that loaded with IRQ 16 and above was pretty much useless because of the spurious interrupts. Using linux-2.4.22-rc2 (with acpi enable), I never had a system lockup ever. It ran for days without a problem (but without sound, slow hard disk access, no cd burning capabilities, etc, essentially useless).

There are dozens of folks like me. It seems it boils down to the nforce2 ultra 400 chipset. I find that those that had the previous version have absolutely no trouble at all. There are others that have the nforce2 ultra 400 that have no trouble as well.

There are dozens of us, that are having this exact same problems and I am wondering if there are different versions of the nforce2 ultra 400 chipset and we might have been hit with a version that just happens not to get along with Linux?

I have been over one month without a completely working computer. I am tempted to get a new motherboard with a different chipset, but there isn't really anything out there that fits my needs like the motherboard I have.

I appreciate all the help I have been given. Hopefully someone can shed a little light on why only a few dozen of us are affected.

Kenton A. Groombridge
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